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Electrical Code Correction

​Have you had the electrical system in your home or business inspected and found code violations?  ARC Lighting & Electric has over 12 years of experience identifying and fixing electrical code violations to ensure the safety or your home or business.

ARC Lighting & Electric - Electrical Code Corrections

In our 12 years of business, we've encountered a countless number of code violations. Here are some of the most common violations we've come across. If you have code violations in your building, ARC Lighting & Electric is the one to call. Our top priority is the safety of our clients, which is why we work so hard to ensure everything from wiring to breakers to fixtures are installed correctly.

Common Electrical Code Violations

  • Having the wrong circuit breaker installed

  • Switches not having neutral wires

  • Outdoor outlets left uncovered

  • Outdated wiring (over 50 years)

  • Improperly configured/overcrowded electrical panels

  • Not having ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCIs) installed

  • Not installing tamper-resistant outlets

  • Illegal splicing

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