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Electrical Panels

Improperly wired electrical panels can be a hazard. Avoid the hazard and contact ARC Lighting & Electric to repair or upgrade your electrical panel, today.

Upgrade Your Electrical Panel

Replacing electrical panels requires extensive re-wiring. ARC Lighting & Electric has been in business for over 12 years and our  electricians are trained and certified to perform high-quality electrical panel upgrades for your residential or commercial property.

Is the Wiring in Your Home Safe?

Warning signs of outdated wiring include power surging, flickering lights, outlets or switches not functioning properly, and tripping the breaker when plugging in more than one thing to an outlet. To ensure the safety of your home or business and the safety of everyone inside, contact ARC Lighting & Electric to upgrade your electrical panel.

ARC Lighting & Electric - Electrical Panel Upgrade
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