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Generator Repairs & Installations

The proper installation of a generator is a difficult job, so you want to hire an experienced electrician to get the job done correctly to ensure that, when the time comes to use the generator, it'll work. ARC Lighting & Electric has over 12 years of generator installation experience, we're the ones you want to call. 

ARC Lighting & Electric - Generator Installation

Generator Installation

Having a generator provides peace of mind in case of an emergency or power outage. It’s important to trust your generator and to trust that the person installing it is a licensed, trained professional. ARC Lighting & Electric has experienced electricians that know the ins and outs of your electrical system, and understand how to connect a generator for the most effective power back up.


The professionals at ARC Lighting & Electric will ensure that your generator is set up properly, avoiding any back feeding and other potentially fatal incidents. We are fully insured and committed to your safety in any situation. ARC Lighting & Electric enforces strict training and applies tried and true techniques to all generator install projects.

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