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Switches & Outlets

Looking for an experienced electrician to install or repair the switches or outlets in your residential or commercial building? Look no further, the experts at ARC Lighting & Electric can help.

Switch & Outlet Installation

When it comes to installing a switch or outlet, you want a professional. Electrical wiring is not something an amateur should handle. Not knowing how to properly handle wires could lead to electrical shocks or even electrical fires. Sure, you save money, but at what cost? Don't take the risk. ARC Lighting & Electric offers reliable, professional, and affordable installation services, give us a call when you need a new switch or outlet installed.

Switch & Outlet Repair

 Switches and outlets get used daily and are bound to slowly deteriorate. Defective outlets can lead to fires and faulty switches could mean faulty wiring, which could lead to even bigger problems. There are many signs that will let you know it's time to replace a switch or outlet. If you notice cracks or burn marks around an outlet or plugs easily falling out, sparks flying when you flip a switch, or a buzzing noise coming from a switch, then it's time to call ARC Lighting & Electric. For the safety of you and everyone in the building, don't ignore these signs.

ARC Lighting & Electric - Switch & Outlet Repair & Installation

Surge Protection

To protect your electronics and your wiring, we suggest installing whole building surge protection. What's wrong with the power-strip you bought that claims to protect from surges? Truthfully, most power surge power strips are just power strips and do very little to protect whatever is plugged in. Whole building surge protectors are hard-wired to the electrical panel and can stop up to a 40,000 amp surge. They won't be able to stop a surge completely, but they offer much more protection than a power strip could ever provide.

Most Common Causes of Power Surges

  • Electrical overloading

  • Faulty wiring

  • Lightning

  • Power outages

  • Downed power lines

Surge Protection
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