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Electrical & Network Wiring

From wiring inspections to complete rewiring jobs, the electricians at ARC Lighting & Electric have the experience and knowledge to offer safe and reliable electrical and network wiring services.

ARC Lighting & Electric - Electrical Re-Wiring

Electrical Wiring

From installing wiring in a new home build to upgrading old wiring, ARC Lighting & Electric is here to help.

Electrical wiring is not something you can skimp on or DIY as bad wiring can have many negative ramifications from sparks flying and electrical shocks to electrical fires. The professionals at ARC Lighting & Electric are experienced and focused on getting the job done correctly to ensure the safety of everyone within the building.

Network Wiring

In the modern age, communication relies on proper wiring. Whether it's for business or leisure, everyone needs to be connected, which is why you want the professionals at ARC Lighting & Electric to handle all network wiring jobs. Not only will we properly install your network, we'll be available for any maintenance or upgrades you'll need in the future.

ARC Lighting & Electric can work on a variety of jobs, including:

  • Audio and visual systems

  • Alarm systems

  • Voice and data networks

  • Fiber optics

  • WiFi networks

  • Security systems

ARC Lighting & Electric - Network Hub and Cable
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